Disney Goes Green: Half A Million Solar Panels To Power Their Theme Parks

Did you know that Walt Disney Company is powering the whole complex of four parks in central Florida using solar energy as a renewable source? The 270-acre solar farm is online and producing power, according to a company statement issued on February 20th.

This new solar farm joined the Mickey-shaped solar park which Disney had installed in 2016 and it will supply up to 25 percent of Disney World power. This popular renewable energy source is not a new thing for Disney as the company begun its first renewable energy project in the 80s, according to Angie Renner director of the Environmental Integration at Walt Disney World Resort.

The company has decided to become more eco-friendly and there is no better way to go green than going full solar.

The Idea of Transforming Disney into an Eco-Friendly Park

The goal of the company, as Renner explains, is to divert 60 percent of the waste from their landfills by 2020, lower net emissions by half by 2020, and lower their water consumption.

The new solar facility raises the company’s stakes and it is a ten-fold increase in production of solar energy. It has 518,000 solar panels which would suffice to power 10,000 homes for one year. The power which they produce is directed into the local electrical grid for Disney’s properties.

The decision to move toward cleaner energy comes in a time when there is an increase in environmentally sensitive millenials. Indeed, around 79 percent of consumers claim they want products with environmental and social responsibility, according to 2017 study.

For the guests of Disney parks, the environment is crucial; therefore, it is for the company tool. They want to make Disney the most admirable company in the world, not just for its amazing content, but for being an upstanding citizen of the world.




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