Drinks that Contain Artificial Sweeteners like Aspartame Triple the Risk of Dementia & Strokes, Study Found

For some time now, artificial sweeteners have been a controversial topic and numerous studies have associated them with a lot of health problems, including major ones like cancer and diabetes.

Moreover, according to a recent study from Boston University, drinking soda beverages on a regular basis puts people at a triple risk of stroke and dementia. Continue reading the article to learn more about these shocking findings…

Artificially Sweetened Drinks Linked with Dementia & Strokes

The study was published in the journal Stroke and for the purposes of it; the research team collected data from around 3,000 adults and divided them into two groups. In one group, there were people older than 45 and they looked at their risk of strokes and in the other, people older than 60 and they focused on dementia.

 The study lasted for 10 years and the end results showed that soda drink consumption tripled their risk of strokes and dementia.

This is definitely eye-opening evidence, however, it is no surprise because of previous findings that have already determined the negative impact of these drinks on the overall health. The study also discovered that sugar-rich drinks were not linked with strokes and dementia as drinks with artificial sweeteners.

Artificial Sweeteners Need to Be Avoided

Until now, artificial sweeteners have been associated with a lot of negative health problems; however, there is still a lot of controversy because of the industry which continues producing them and using artificial sweeteners in their drinks as if everything is okay and the failure of regulatory bodies to finally put an end to the use of these toxins.

One of the most problematic artificial sweeteners of the 21st century is definitely aspartame. Check out the video shown below to learn the truth behind this toxic substance:




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