Guy Quits His Job & Sells Everything He Has to Travel with His Cat

Every person in the world wants to have successful lives and to that extent, we do our best to make the most of our careers and lives in general. However, often times, we find ourselves working too hard and not having the needed time to live our lives.

And, most people remain trapped in their work life. But, Rich East is not like that- this man quit his job and decided to sell all of his material possessions in order to be able to travel.

His companion is the cutest ever, a cat named Willow. Not a story you hear or read about very often, right? The two of them have been travelling throughout Australia for two and a half years. They seem to be doing pretty great by now.

Willow, the Rescue Cat

His partner, Willow the cat, is a rescue cat which has passed more than 500,000 km across Australia and they travel in a campervan. They have been travelling for almost 3 years since they left their home in Hobart, Tasmania. But, East explains that making this decision was not easy at all, yet alone bringing a cat with him.

The two travelers are currently in South Australia and officially, the cat has visited 6 states and 2 Australian territories. They have sailed the Great Barrier Reef and camped on Queensland Mountains.

Many thought of his idea to be quite weird, especially taking a cat with him. However, despite the challenges, Willow is doing great. He also has a special tracker so that East can track him.

He is enjoying most of her time around the camp without any problems. In case he is lost, East can easily track her down.

He explains that he is very proud of Willow and calls him the ‘best travel buddy ever’. Even though they are almost home, they do not plan on stopping anytime soon. This life on the road has become their lifestyle and they feel happy and healthy.

What about you? Would you abandon your conventional lifestyle and go and travel the world with your cat or dog?




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