Philippine Coffee Shop Uses Straws from Coconut Leaves To Reduce Plastic Waste

Unfortunately, we are harming and destroying our beloved earth with the industrial, commercial, and domestic waste which is being released on a daily basis. How the earth is still holding up is a wonder.

Believe it or not, statistics from 2016 shows that 7 billion people produced 320 million tons of plastic. And, this amount is expected to double by 2034. Sadly, 100,000 marine animals are killed from plastic pollution in the waters on a yearly basis.

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As you may know, plastic is not biodegradable and it requires thousands of years to decompose. Until this happens, different types of chemicals and gases go into the environment and harming humans and animals. Plus, they reduce soil fertility and cultivation safety.

Plastic Pollution Is a Major Issue

Even though plastic straws are not the main contributor to plastic waste, they are part of the issue. Statistics shows that 500 million plastic straws are used on a daily basis in the US solely and estimates show that 8.3 billion of them pollute the beaches worldwide.

Despite their small weight, they are harming the environment and one piece is responsible for 4 percent of the entire plastic waste.

Making the Earth a Better Place Step by Step

Sarah Tiu, manager of Café Editha in Surigao Del Norte, the Philippines had always wanted to remove the plastic straws from her café. She first tried to use paper and stainless straws for beverages; however, the customers were not so satisfied with them.

One trip to Corregidor Island gave her the idea how to make her café more eco-friendly and still good for her customers. She said that they bought fresh buko and they just cut lukay and made it into straws. She asked them to teach her how to do the same.

Buko is coconut juice while lukay is the term for coconut leaves and fronds. The leaves of coconut are compostable and biodegradable.

When she introduced the straws to customers in her café, they were positively surprised and started uploading photos of lukay straws on their social media.

These straws are bound and leak-proof. She then shared photos of the eco friendly straws on their Facebook page with the goal to encourage other restaurants and cafes to do the same.

One straw requires less than two minutes and she prepares several with her co-workers before they open up the café in the morning.

Plastic Straw Ban Is a Major Step

Prohibiting plastic straws is becoming more common worldwide and there are plenty of organic alternatives. If every café or bar would follow this example, we would be all making a major effort in reducing the global and dangerous plastic pollution.