Useful Tips to Reduce Belly Fat Rolls

Do you have belly fat rolls when you sit down? Do you have rolls of fat beneath the breasts? Sometimes, even dieters who have managed to lose surplus weight or generally slim people have these rolls. Many wonder if they are normal and whether they will ever go away. Do you as well?

Remember, there is a simple reason why there are belly rolls when you sit down. Namely, when you stand up, the torso is elongated and the spine is lengthened and thus, the surplus skin and flesh in the middle area spread over the torso.

If you want to look thinner, even when you are sitting, make sure you practice good posture through the right exercises. When we sit down, the torso becomes shorter and now the skin and flesh are collected in a smaller area and you have temporary folds. The good news is that everyone has fat rolls when seated, even thin people.

Does this Mean that You Need not Worry about Belly Rolls?

Just because having belly rolls when sitting down is very common, this does not mean that belly fat is a good thing. Of course, a certain amount is necessary to keep the organs safe; but too much of it is unhealthy and belly fat has a lot of health risks.

Namely, those with bigger bellies have a higher risk of insulin resistance, high cholesterol, glucose intolerance, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. This being said, check your midsection to see if you might benefit from a weight loss.

Measuring the Fat Rolls

How can we know how much abdominal fat is excessive? You can opt for one of the two measurement methods shown below that you can do at home. But, make sure you are standing while doing the test.

Test no.1

Waist circumference is measuring the abdomen at the belly button level. You need a flexible tape for measuring.

Begin from the belly and round it all the way through to come from the other side of the belly. Write down your measures and then check out if you are in the normal waist circumference range or not.

Test no.2

With this test, you can compare the waist measures with the hip measures. You will also need a flexible tape for measuring and a calculator.

How to Reduce Belly Fat Rolls?

If your tests show that you have more belly fat (more than 35 inches for women and more than 40 inches for men), consult your physician to talk about the effects of this problem on your overall health.

To start losing weight, you can use several methods, i.e. follow a calorie-controlled and balanced diet and work out on a regular basis, including strength training, stretching, and cardio.




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