If Potato Chips Are Your Favourite Snack, You Are Eating Cancer in a Can

Even though their name says potato chips, these snacks often have scarce or no potatoes at all. Moreover, they are full of dangerous chemicals, including acrylamide. This by-product of the processing is a potential neurotoxin and a cancerous substance.

It is created when carb-rich foods are cooked at high temperatures, regardless of the method (cooking, roasting, frying, etc.). Unfortunately, a 2005 analysis found that all potato chips had higher levels of acrylamide by 39 to 910 times.

This being said, you need to avoid potato chips like Pringles and other brands if you want to preserve your health. Opt for foods that are not processed or only minimally to prevent the consumption of toxic by-products. T

he rawer the food you eat, the better. Continue reading the article to learn more about the dangers of the all-time favourite snack, Pringles Potato Chips.

Pringles: A Dangerous Box of Chemicals

The company Pringles once argued that their potato content in the chips was so low that they cannot be technically considered chips. Instead, they are a mixture of wheat, corn, rice, and potato flakes. This dough is then rolled and cut with a machine.

During this process, they are treated with different flavours and blown dry. Even though they may taste like the best thing you have tried, these and other store-bought potato chips are filling your body with a lot of toxins.

Although some people may think that choosing “baked” over “fried” potato chips is a healthier decision, you need to think twice. This is because acrylamide is not just formed during frying, but also during baking. Moreover, the FDA points out that baked chips may have three times higher acrylamide levels than regular chips!

Unfortunately, acrylamide is not the sole dangerous compound created during the heating of carb-containing foods. A project by the EU concluded that there are more than 800 such compounds and 52 of them are possible carcinogens.

On the other hand, it was also discovered that when we eat homemade foods, the risk of consuming excessive toxin levels is smaller than when we eat out or premade foods.

How to Stay Away from these Toxins?

In an ideal situation, you should only eat foods which are raw or processed very little. You may however need time to make the change to a less processed diet. To begin in the best way possible, eliminate the major culprits first, including potato chips and French fries, soda drinks, and doughnuts.

Consume more raw whole eggs from organic, pastured chicken and raw milk, as well as organic veggies and fruits, organic meat, healthy oils, and raw nuts and seeds.

Fresh and whole foods are the best way to improve your health, encourage weight loss, and genuinely enjoy food. Once you get the hang of it, you can make a healthy meal from scratch in the same time needed to go and take fast food.

But, the difference will be immense- you will feel physically and mentally satisfied and even financially because basing your diet on processed foods ends up being more expensive than preparing your own food.




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