Remove Blemishes & Wrinkles by Washing Your Face with Coconut Oil

At Best Folk Medicine, we have written numerous times about coconut oil and all of its amazing benefits and we do not intend on stopping any time sooner- coconut oil is definitely one of the most versatile and healing ingredients in the world and deserves all of the attention it gets, right?

Offering numerous healing properties, including moisturizing, anti-bacterial, nourishing, and more, this ingredient is often used in alternative skin care and has the ability to improve the skin health and resolve numerous health issues.

Unlike store-bought skin care products, coconut oil has no chemicals and side effects and it is all-natural. This being said, if you are struggling with some skin problems like blemishes and wrinkles, stick with us. We will show you why coconut oil is the best skin protector out there!

Coconut Oil Explained

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of mature coconuts and harvested from coconut palms. The least refined type of coconut oil is considered to be virgin coconut oil. This oil is mostly consisted of saturated fats and high levels of medium chain fatty acids, including lauric acid.

It also contains vitamin E, a vitamin which keeps the skin safe from free radical damage.

Thanks to its nutrients, coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer for the skin. It will make it softer and restore the natural glow. Thanks to the abundance of good fats in it, it can help speed up the healing of wounds, lower rashes, and avert acne.

It also boasts anti-inflammatory characteristics that can help alleviate inflammation and consequently, numerous skin problems triggered by excessive inflammation.

The Best Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Skin

  • Soothes and conditions it

Coconut oil is known to absorb very quickly and thus, it will make the skin very smooth. After you rinse the face with water and towel-dry it, apply a thin layer of it. Do the same before bed as well.

  • Lowers acne

Thanks to its fatty acids, coconut oil can help reduce the appearance of acne with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Tones and detoxifies

This oil will detox and moisturize the skin and makes a great natural makeup remover too. Dab a small amount of it on a cotton ball and gently wipe off the makeup. Your skin will be clean, soft, and hydrated.