The 5 Best All-Natural Treatments for Cancer

Unfortunately, the conventional therapies offered for the treatment of cancer like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are not always a guarantee that the cancer will be completely cured or that it will not come back.

This being said, a lot of cancer patients decide to try natural treatments which a lot of people swear by to have helped them with cancer. It is important to note that these natural treatments are in no way a sole cancer remedy.

However, when used on their own or together with conventional medicine, they may enhance the healing processes in the body. Continue reading the article to learn more about the best 5 natural cancer treatments.

5 Effective All-Natural Cancer Treatments

  1. The Budwig Protocol

Back in 1952, Dr. Johanna Budwig who was the Senior Expert of the German Government for pharmacology and lipids discovered that a lot of the conventional hydrogenated oils and processed fats were damaging the membranes of the cells and thus, lead to toxicity and illnesses. Consequently, she developed a particular diet we know today as the Budwig Diet Protocol that is believed to help fight off the formation of cancer. According to Dr. Budwig, she had more than a 90 percent success rate over 50 years with this diet. For this diet, it is necessary to replace processed fats and hydrogenated oils with unsaturated/saturated fatty acids so that our cells can rebuild. She also recommended consuming a mixture of flaxseed, cottage cheese, and flaxseed oil. This meal helps the body absorb the important nutrients better and faster.

2. The Gerson therapy & Juicing

Dr. Max Gerson, an American born in Germany created this natural cancer cure 90 years ago and coined the term Gerson Therapy. He helped hundreds of patients with cancer to activate the body’s self-healing processes. During the therapy, it is recommendable to increase the intake of organic and plant-based foods, drink raw juices and do coffee enemas, eat beef liver, and take natural supplements. This treatment will strengthen your immunity and help you fight against cancer, but other diseases like allergies, arthritis, heart illness, and degenerative diseases too. The diet is based on eating organic fruits, veggies, and sprouted grains while the amount of protein, fat, and sodium is very low. Cancer patients are also advised to consume 13 glasses of freshly made juice, consume three plant-based meals, and snack fruits in between. Raw beef liver is also recommendable because of its abundance in nutrients, especially vitamin B12. Juicing is also an important part of cancer treatment.  Fresh juices are an excellent, easy way to supply your body with several nutrients at once. Opt for fresh veggie juices daily. Prepare it with a two-step juicer for optimal preservation of the nutrients.

3. Vitamin C Chelation

The Chelation Therapy uses natural compounds and chemicals to eliminate toxins from the body. Chelate means to hold onto something which perfectly describes the ability of chelating agents to collect toxins. This therapy is used by naturopaths and holistic doctors only. According to one study, it showed a beneficial, long-term antioxidant effect. In addition to chelation with vitamin C, it is also highly recommendable to consume foods abundant in vitamin C which may avert and help fight off cancer.

4. Therapy with Frankincense Essential Oil

Indian Frankincense was found to be a powerful therapy for brain, breast, pancreatic, prostate, stomach, and colon cancer. As the researchers from Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas explain, the anti-cancer properties of frankincense oil are partly because of its capacity to affect the genes and encourage healing. They therefore emphasize that this makes this oil a potentially powerful method for cancer prevention and treatment. Acquire quality frankincense oil and apply it on the neck three times per day and consume three drops diluted in 8 oz. of water three times per day.

5. Probiotics

Also known as good bacteria, probiotics are microorganisms that help restore the balance in the gut flora. The best option to supply the body with them is through consumption of raw milk products like yogurt, kefir, and cheese. Research also suggests that probiotic supplementation may help cease the growth of cancer, which makes a lot of sense as 80 percent of our immunity is centred in the gut. Probiotics will not just protect the immunity, but can also better the digestion and the absorption of minerals and help with leaky gut, all of which are contributing factors to cancer.




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