We’re Drinking Chemicals: Glyphosate Discovered in 5 Major Brands of Orange Juice

According to a 2015 USDA report, orange juice was the most frequently consumed fruit juice in the US while oranges were the second most commonly eaten fruit, behind apples.

According to statistics, the average American drinks 2.7 gallons of orange juice and 3 pounds of oranges on a yearly basis. But, it appears that the “100 % pure orange juice” we purchase from the stores is not as pure and as safe as advertised.

Unfortunately, recent tests found that every one of the five major brands of orange juice tested by an accredited laboratory were positive for the presence of glyphosate, a weed killer.

This chemical is the active ingredient of Roundup, a weed killer produced by Monsanto and in other 750 brands of herbicides.

We Are Drinking Dangerous Chemicals?

The discovery of glyphosate residues in orange juice is unacceptable, particularly after a WHO branch labeled this chemical as a potential carcinogen in 2015. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, our children, who regularly drink orange fruit juice for breakfast, are very sensitive to pesticides and we need to do everything to protect them.

Two samples from the brands shown below were tested for this herbicide and its residue known as AMPA. Though the farming proponents claim that these levels are not high enough to be considered harmful, they are unimportant in comparison to new findings.

Namely, studies point out that only 0.1 ppm of glyphosate destroys the good gut bacteria, weakens the immunity, and consequently, causes numerous health issues. And, 1 ppt or part per trillion was found to encourage the growth of breast cancer cells. Moreover, as studies point out, glyphosate bioaccumulates in the bone marrow so any amount is dangerous.

Glyphosate Is not just Cancerous

According to a study from January 2017, chronic intake of low amounts of Roundup which contains glyphosate led to fatty liver illness in animals. Unfortunately, the Liver Foundation points out that one in ten Americans has liver illness.

Other studies done earlier have shown that Roundup disrupts the endocrine function and may lead to birth-related problems like miscarriages, infertility, and anencephaly.

Unfortunately, the EPA is aware of the negative health influence of glyphosate but refused to prohibit this chemical and even allows the manufacturer to claim that the product is safe when we use it as directed.

Below, check out the list of the brands tested and avoid them.

The Orange Juice Brands that Contain Glyphosate

  • Tropicana
  • Minute Maid
  • Stater Bros
  • Signature Farms
  • Kirkland




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