5 Best Advantages of Collagen for the Hair, Skin & Joints

Nowadays, we’re often seeing collagen listed as an ingredient in body lotions or using collagen supplements; however, do we really know whatare the best advantages of collagen? And, are we aware what it does?

Namely, collagen is the most common protein in our body and its present in the bones, skin, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and digestive system. This protein provides our skin with strength and elasticity and also replaces dead skin cells.

For the tendons and joints, it plays the role of glue which keeps the body together.

However; the problem is that its production in the body reduces with age and consequently, we experience wrinkles, saggy skin, and joint ache. Moreover, other contributing factors to decline in collagen are a diet abundant in sugar, smoking, and excessive sun exposure.

But, eating foods abundant in collagen such as bone broth can supply you with the needed amount to lower the chances for depletion. Also, many people reach for collagen supplements to boost the collagen in their body.

To learn more about why collagen is so important for us, continue reading the article. We will present the 5 best advantages of collagen.

The 5 Best Health Benefits of Collagen

  1. Lowers joint ache and degeneration

Loss of collagen can cause stiffness and pain in the legs during movement. When there’s insufficient collagen, the tendons and ligaments begin to move with difficulty resulting in pain and stiffness. This is where collagen can help because its gel-like structure allows the bones to glide painlessly and lower pain. In studies, it was found to be beneficial for treatment of osteoarthritis and arthritis.

  • Good for the hair, nails, and teeth

Low levels of collagen in the body can cause peeling of the nails. Collagen is the building block of the nails, teeth, and hair. Hence, adding it to your daily diet can preserve the nails’ strength and reverse hair loss symptoms.

  • Betters the heart health

Proline, an amino acid which makes around 15 percent of collagen, aids the artery walls to release surplus fat from the blood and prevent its accumulation. It’s also pivotal for tissue repair in the arteries and joints and participates in the regulation of the blood pressure. It has also been associated with arteriosclerosis prevention as it cleans the arteries from dangerous plaque.

  • Betters the skin and hair health

The physical manifestation of collagen decline is seen through looser skin, more wrinkles, and reduced elasticity. So, opting for a collagen supplement may help firm up the skin, boost its smoothness, and fix the renewal of cells. Moreover, it was also found beneficial for the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks. Also, it can be aid for the prevention of hair loss.

  • Beneficial for leaky gut

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition during which toxins can pass through the digestive tract. Collagen can help because it assists the dissolving of proteins and nourishes the gut’s lining, heals the damaged cell walls, and infuses them with healing amino acids. By helping the formation of connective tissue, it helps seal the protective lining in the GI.





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