The 5 Best Proven Health Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT oil is a popular supplement which is usually added to salad dressings, smoothies, and coffees. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride and this oil is comprised of medium-length fat chains known as triglycerides.

Because of their shorter length, they’re easier for digestion and their processing in the body offers numerous health benefits.

This oil is usually extracted from coconut oil since more than half of the fat in it is from MCTs. These fats are also present in some other foods, like dairy and palm oil. There are 4 distinct types of MCT and the caprylic and capric acid are most common.

If you still have doubts why this oil is a definite must for your diet, check out the list below with its best 5 health advantages!

5 Best Health Benefits of MCT Oil

  • Encourages weight loss

MCT oil was found to elevate the secretion of the hormones peptide YY and leptin which are known to boost the feeling of fullness.

According to a study, those who consumed two tbsp of the oil in their breakfast consumed less food during lunch in comparison to those who consumed coconut oil.

Moreover, the oil was discovered to decrease body weight and waist size.

Since it’s differently processed by the body, it may also be of aid in the burning of calories. Also, it will help improve the good gut bacteria growth and support the health of the gut, which is vital for weight loss.

  • Lowers heart disease risks

MCT oil can help with weight reduction and fat loss which may further lower your chances of heart illness.

One study with overweight men who consumed MCT oil in combination with flaxseed oil and phytosterols experienced cholesterol reduction by 12.5 percent.

They also reaped reductions in the levels of bad cholesterol and the oil can elevate the good cholesterol levels.

  • Balances the blood sugar levels

MCT may be beneficial for diabetic individuals, especially for the ones with type 2 diabetes that are usually overweight or obese. MCT oil can help them lower the fat storing and boost the burning of fat.

According to a study done in China, those diabetic individuals who took MCT oil every day experienced lower body weight, smaller waist size, and insulin resistance in comparison to those who took corn oil with LCTs.

  • Fights off yeast and bacteria overgrowth

MCTs were found to posses antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Coconut oil which is rich in MCTs successfully lowered Candida albicans growth by 25 percent.

This common yeast is known to cause skin infections and thrush. MCTs, on their own, can stop the growth of fungus in hospitals by half. However, for stronger data, there’s need of quality human studies.

  • Fuels the brain

MCTs is absorbed faster by the body than LCTs. Since they have a shorter chain length, MCTs go straight from the gut into the liver and need no bile to dissolve like the longer ones need.

In the liver, they’re broken down for fuel or stored as body fat. As MCTs go directly into the cells without being dissolved, they are an immediate energy source. For those on ketogenic diet, MCTs can be converted into ketones by the liver.

From there, they pass through the blood-brain barrier which makes them a viable energy source for the brain cells.





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