Australia Found a Way to Save Water From Plastic Pollution and We Can Start Doing the Same

Last summer, the authorities in the Kwinana city in Australia set up an innovative filtration system in the Henley Reserve.

Even though it is a quite simple method, this system is very helpful when it comes to keeping the waters and environment free of plastics and other harmful waste.

Both the citizens and the government have already witnessed the advantages and are satisfied with the results.

How Does this Filtration System Work?

This system for filtration is made of a net which is put on the outlet of a drainage pipe to collect waste and prevent it from contaminating the surroundings. These pipes drain the water from residential and natural areas where the waste can be quite overwhelming and damage the environment.

Previously, this waste was washed away by rains and pulled down to the drainage systems.

The authorities began the project by installing 2 nets and were very satisfied with the outcome. The system collected more than 800 pounds of waste in several weeks.

So, they have decided to place such collectors of waste throughout the city and thus, try and lower the environmental and water pollution.

The production and installation of these nets cost around $10,000 each. Although this is a rather high price, when talking long-term, it provides major cost savings.

When the nets become full with garbage, they are lifted and the waste is transferred into garbage-collecting trucks and transported to a location where it is separated into non-recyclable and recyclable waste. Then, it is further processed appropriately.

Afterwards, the nets are put back on the drainage outlets and proceed with collecting waste.

This innovative technology may an effective method for the rest of the world’s authorities to consider when it comes to waste management. Without doubt, pollution is a major issue these days and something needs to be done ASAP.





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