Could this Vitamin Help You Be Mosquito-Free all Summer? Let’s Find Out Together!

Though most of us can freely say that summer is the best and our favourite season because it is full of beach time, barbecues with family and friends, afternoon parties in the patio, and outdoor games, not everything about it is perfect, especially when it comes to insect bites!

In fact, we all despise the insects that the hot weather brings and the painful bites they cause! The most annoying ones are definitely mosquitoes and their constant bites that are itchy and painful.

But, you can have a mosquito-free summer with the help of one vitamin, according to some claims. Let’s find out more about what vitamin B1 could do for the mosquito prevention…

Vitamin B1 Supplementation to Fight Off Mosquitoes?

Some people experience more mosquito bites than others and this has been researched in studies.

According to some claims on the internet, one can help reduce mosquito bites by opting for vitamin B supplements or wearing patches that contain this vitamin.

And, studies dating to the 60s point out that small dosages of this supplement three times per day during the summer can help create a skin odour which these insects dislike.

However, according to newest research, this claim is nothing more than a myth.

Namely, a study from 2005 published in the American Mosquito Control Association Journal concluded that there was no difference in attractiveness to mosquitoes between the individuals who were administered vitamin B and those from the control groups who weren’t.

Moreover, a study done by Brazilian scientists who gave vitamin B to lab animals and exposed them to female mosquitoes (those who bite) showed that there was no distinction in the level of attraction to mosquitoes between the vitamin B group and the control group.

Are there any Useful Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bite Prevention?

According to Health Line, here are 6  natural ingredients that can help you repel mosquitoes:

  • Lemon eucalyptus oil

This oil was proven to offer more than 95 percent of mosquito protection for three hours.

  • Lavender

It was found to avert mosquito bites and also to soothe and calm the affected skin.

  • Thyme oil

In a study with animals, thyme oil enabled 91 percent rate of protection from mosquito bites.

  • Citronella

With proper formulation, research indicates that citronella can be as potent as DEET and offer up to two hours of protection.

  • Neem oil

According to a new study, it offered more than 70 percent of mosquito protection for three hours. However, it may cause skin irritation in some people.

  • Geraniol

This alcohol is a frequent ingredient in mosquito repellents and may offer protection for two to four hours, depending on the species. Avoid it if you have oversensitive skin.





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