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Vitamin D Supplement May Help Decrease the Risk of Cancer

Vitamin D Supplement May Help Decrease the Risk of Cancer

For a long period of time, researchers have been focused on finding the link between cancer and vitamin D. Namely, according to epidemiological studies, people who live near the equator, where the exposure to the sun helps them produce more vitamin D; have a lower incidence of death from some […]

7 Plant-Based Supplements for Daily Immune System Support

What a better time to focus on improving your immunity than now? With the coronavirus pandemic dictating things today, it’s pivotal to strengthen your biggest defender- your immune system. Plant-based foods can be an excellent choice to boost your immunity-they can improve the T-cell functioning, essential elements of the immunity. […]

Magnesium Deficiency: 5 Symptoms You Must never Ignore

5 Warning Signs Of Magnesium Deficiency You Shouldn’t Ignore

Despite being essential for more than 300 bodily processes, magnesium is a commonly lacked nutrient. Believe it or not, statistics shows that around 80 percent of the American population is magnesium deficient. Unfortunately, this nutrient deficiency causes a lot of unpleasant symptom so it is vital to treat it timely. […]

Vitamin D Protects Against Colds and Flu, Study Confirms

Japanese doctors claim that the risk of flu in children can be lowered by 50 percent if they take vitamin D supplements on a regular basis. Under normal conditions, our bodies can naturally produce vitamin D through our exposure to direct sunlight. Vitamin D can be more powerful than anti-viral […]