7 Plant-Based Supplements for Daily Immune System Support

What a better time to focus on improving your immunity than now? With the coronavirus pandemic dictating things today, it’s pivotal to strengthen your biggest defender- your immune system.

Plant-based foods can be an excellent choice to boost your immunity-they can improve the T-cell functioning, essential elements of the immunity.

They scan the body and flow through the blood to track down cellular irregularities and pathogens.

The immunity is a network of various cells, organs, and proteins which keep our body safe from foreign invaders. We have the innate immunity that we’re born with and our adaptive immunity that we develop when our body gets exposed to chemicals or microbes.

This being said, let’s check out th7 excellent plant-based immune supporters that will help you boost your health.

7 Plant-Based Supplements for Strong Immunity

Vitamin C

This water-soluble vitamin helps fight off colds and it’s a known beneficial health supplement.

Get it from fruits and veggies like peppers, tomatoes, oranges, and strawberries. This antioxidant is crucial for a good immunity, but also for antioxidant power of the body- it’s rich in vitamin E.

It will help you reduce the risk of infections. People who smoke or are malnourished can have higher risk of vitamin C deficiency, as well as people with cancer, malabsorption or people on dialysis.

Vitamin B6

This water-soluble vitamin has a pivotal role in the metabolism of protein, in the cognition and the production of glucose in the body.

In one animal study, it was discovered that supplementation with this vitamin can help boost the strength of the immunity.

The best sources of this vitamin are fortified cereals, chicken breast, salmon, liver, and canned chickpeas.

Vitamin E

This fat-soluble vitamin has antioxidant properties that are great for the immunity.

Vitamin E can be acquired through regular intake of sunflower and wheat germ oil, dry and roasted sunflower seeds and leafy greens.

Same as vitamin C, vitamin E possesses strong antioxidant power that helps minimize the stress in the body and lower the risk of chronic illness.

It will strengthen your immunity and better the body’s response to vaccines.


This is a tripeptide or three amino acids connected by peptide bonds and it’s crucial for a strong immunity. It’s a potent antioxidant and can be of aid in lowering oxidative stress and inflammation.

It also plays a role in the regeneration of vitamins C and E, in the regulation of cell growth and death, and the removal of waste from the body cells.

Find it in broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, as well as in potatoes, avocados, squash, asparagus, etc.


This pivotal mineral is commonly added to throat lozenges or other over-the-counter cold remedies.

This is because optimal levels of it in the body are essential for a strong immunity. Research has associated this deficiency with immune dysfunction and inflammation.

Most healthy adults who consume meat are able to meet the daily needs for this nutrient; however, people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet have a harder time as one of the richest sources of this mineral are oyster, beef, pork, chicken, and pork.

But, there are good plant-based sources of zinc like beans and fortified cereals.


Elderberries are berries that are potent antioxidants and the European species are most commonly used in supplements.

According to one study, people who took an extract of it had a major reduction in the seriousness and longevity of their cold symptoms.

Sambucus nigra L. or black elder can strengthen the immunity by fighting off inflammation.


This savory bulb has been a part of our culture for years and people worldwide use it for its numerous health benefits. It’s good for the heart and can help with colds because of its antioxidant properties.

Several animal studies have found aged garlic extract to work great in strengthening the response of the immunity to antigens-the elements which stimulate the antibody production after a person gets vaccinated, which in turn helps the body to fight off effectively against pathogens.

You can eat it fresh, powdered or in an infused oil form or in capsule or tablet form.




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