Why You Should Eat 2 Kiwis an Hour before Bedtime If You Can’t Sleep

Could the key to a good night’s sleep be a kiwi fruit? Apparently, eating two kiwis an hour before bed helps ease the sleep onset, according to scientists.

Even though it’s not yet clearly known why this is so, it has to do something with the high level of serotonins and antioxidants in this amazing fruit.

In a study done with 24 volunteers who had sleep troubles done by the Taiwan Taipei Medical University, it was concluded that these people slept 13 percent longer when they consumed this fruit.

Moreover, the amount of time they needed to fall asleep reduced by stunning 35 percent.

Insomnia, a Major Health Problem These Days

Getting too much sleep can easily be controlled by setting an alarm, right? But, what if we’re struggling to get enough snooze hours? And, what if we’re one of the one in three adults who have insomnia symptoms?

Surely, there are sleeping pills that can help us in the short-term; however, they have a long list of side effects and can cause a lot of damage if consumed for long period of time.

Other, non-pharmacological methods like cognitive therapy can be hard and time-consuming and they don’t work with everyone.

Could kiwis be the natural solution to insomnia that could finally help insomniacs get a good night’s sleep?

Kiwis have twice the serotonin of tomatoes, as well as folate and a folate deficiency has been linked with insomnia.

The study was done with grant money given by a kiwifruit company.

Still, they discovered amazing benefits like improved sleep onset, duration, and efficiency. The participants increased their sleep duration from an average of 6 hours to 7 only by consuming this fruit.

Although more research is needed to discover more about the sleep-encouraging characteristics of kiwis, this is a great beginning, don’t you agree?

Moreover, the link between antioxidant foods and sleep is one that we’ve only recently begun understanding.

There’s an established connection and studies have found poor sleep to be linked with lower levels of antioxidants in the body and that sleep helps restore the antioxidant levels.

Serotonin is a hormone which functions like a neurotransmitter and participates in a lot of physiologic processes, including sleep.

It helps speed up the onset and ensures we stay asleep during the night. It participates in the movement throughout the different sleeping stages, including the deep-sleep phase.

Kiwis Are Amazing for the Overall Health

Kiwi isn’t just the food to reach for when you’re dealing with sleepless nights- they have so many other health advantages to offer.

Namely, it’s abundant in vitamin C and helps strengthen the immunity and boost the cell repair and protection. They’re also recommended as a good fruit for a healthy heart thanks to its richness in fiber and potassium.





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