Mike Tyson’s 400-Acre Cannabis Resort Looks Out of this World: Check It Out Here

Recently, Mike Tyson has shared with the public his plans to open a 407-acre cannabis resort. With so much time and wealth as he has, as you can see, everything is possible.

This cannabis ranch will be an addition to his cannabis company known as Tyson Holistic Holdings that he opened up back in 2016. The brand sells cannabis edibles, merchandise, and different strains.

Continue reading the article to check out what this insane cannabis ranch will have to offer!

Mike Tyson’s 400-Acre Cannabis Resort Will Be Amazing

Believe it or not, the resort will have a festival venue and the longest lazy river in the world that will require a whole hour to float it down. There are also plans for building a luxurious hotel too.

He will also open a “school” called Tyson University that will offer lessons about cannabis growing techniques to potential farmers.

Spanning across 400 acres, visitors can smoke cannabis anywhere on the plot; however, there will be no available marijuana for purchase. The work on the resort began in 2017. In addition to being dedicated to building a cannabis empire, Tyson also hosts a podcast known as Hotboxin’.

Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Empire Expands

This marijuana company is one of more than 10,000 new ventures that opened up since recreational pot was legalized in California in 2016. However, community opposition, taxation, and regulations have slowed down the evolution of California into a paradise for cannabis users.

Nonetheless, recreational cannabis is still projected to bring $4 billion in California by the year of 2025 at which period legal cannabis is expected to bring around $150 billion globally.

Tyson Holistic is definitely a new door to ideas and innovative ways of making money, especially here in California and in the cannabis industry.

One interesting fact about Tyson Holistic is that no one actually harvests or farms or handles the plant. They produce branded containers designed to imply in a way that Tyson has personally tested the flowers.

These containers are made available to third-party farmers who ensure a standard of quality and purity is met. Then, they fill the containers with weed and send them for distribution.




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