New Wellness Trend: People Are Paying $300 to Cuddle with Cows

Did you know that people are giving more than $100 to spend 90 minutes playing, brushing, and cuddling with cows?

This new wellness trend, known as cow cuddling, is the newest addition to animal holistic health offers, such as goat yoga.

Some of you who were raised on farms and were able to cuddle cows for free might look at this idea as odd; however, there are apparent health benefits to spending times with cows and people are more and more into it.

So, those who don’t have the opportunity to spend time on cow farms can now pay and have this experience.

Cow Cuddling: Pay to Cuddle with Cows?

Cow cuddling includes cuddling with cows, however, there are also other activities, including petting and playing. The sessions are monitored and eased by a counsellor and an equine specialist.

This is considered to be a wellness trend because cow cuddling is a good alternative to those who can’t get into meditation. Meditation is known to help slow down the heart rate and reduce anxiety.

According to the Mountain Horse Farm, a wellness retreat where cow cuddling is available, this can be achieved by spending some time with cows.

Namely, cows have a temperature which is a bit higher than ours and a lower heart rate than ours. When we cuddle with a cow, the lower heart rate and the higher body temperature relaxes us.

The website of the Mountain Horse Farm explains that the cows will pick up on what’s happening inside of us, whether we are sad, lost or anxious and will respond without any ego, agenda or judgment.

Believe it or not, cows are very intuitive and sensitive creatures that can feel our emotions and respond to our body language.

Where Can You Cuddle Cows?

If you live in NYC, you can get out of the busy city and relax with cow cuddling at the Mountain Horse Farm where a 90-minute session for two people costs $300.





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