Start Today: The Amazing Health Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Often times, we are told to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. And, though it can be challenging to cease self-pity completely, mentally strong individuals choose to replace it with gratitude.

Whether they write a couple of grateful words in their journal or take a minute or two to acknowledge all that they have, being thankful has so many positive things and some experts believe it can transform our lives.

This being said, implement gratitude to your daily life and voice the things that you are grateful for, no matter how small or big they are. You will experience numerous beneficial physical and mental advantages.

If you still have doubts why you should count your blessings every day, continue reading the article. We will present the 5 best advantages of adopting an attitude of gratitude rather than one of self-pity.

What Are the 5 Best Health Benefits of Gratitude?

  • Better physical health

Grateful individuals experience less pain and report feeling healthier than others, according to a study from 2012 published in Personality and Individual Differences. Moreover, thankful people are more likely to attend to their health, like working out more and regularly getting doctor’s checkups, which further extends their longevity.

  • Better mental health

When you practice thankfulness, you lower a major amount of toxic feelings, including resentment, envy, regret, and frustration. According to research by Robert Emmons, gratitude successfully elevates our happiness and decreases depression.

  • Boosts our self-esteem

In a study from 2014, it was discovered that gratitude elevated the self-esteem among athletes, which is a pivotal element to optimal performance. Moreover, other research has shown that thankfulness lowers social comparisons. So, instead of being resentful towards those with more money or better jobs, people with gratitude are able to appreciate others’ achievements.

  • Helps us create more relationships

When we say ‘thank you’, we don’t just show our good manners, but this can help us make new friends, a study from Emotion in 2014 shows. Thanking a new acquaintance will make us more likely to look for an ongoing relationship. So, whether we thank a stranger for letting us go first in the bank or thanking our friend for helping us with some problem, acknowledging others’ contributions can help us create new bonds.

  • Makes us more empathic and less aggressive

People who practice gratitude on the daily are better at prosocial situations, even when others are less kind, a study from 2012 found. The participants from the study with the highest gratitude scores had less chance of retaliating against others, despite a negative feedback. They showed more empathy and sensitivity and a lower desire for revenge.





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