The Amazing Health Benefits of Propolis: It Fights Off everything from Colds to Cancer?

When it comes to honey, most of us are already aware of its numerous healing properties, including the ability to relieve burns, reduce coughs, and help maintain optimal skin health. However, this is not the only advantageous substance that bees make.

There is also propolis, the ‘bee glue’ which protects and keeps together the hive. But, propolis is more than a sticky substance- it is an amazing healing substance that can help with eczema, flu, and cancer.

The Healing Abilities of Propolis

According to research, there are more than 300 identified healing compounds in propolis. Most of these compounds are some type of polyphenols. These are antioxidants which help fight off illnesses and damages in the body.

The polyphenols in propolis are known as flavonoids and they are produced in plants for protection. They are also present in other foods with potential antioxidant characteristics such as veggies, fruits, green tea, and red wine.

Moreover, propolis is considered to posses antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics; however, there is lack of research on propolis and researchers are not entirely certain why this bee product may protect from viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Despite the insufficient research, thousands of years of usage and anecdotal evidence have shown why propolis should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet. Below, check out the 5 best health advantages that propolis has to offer!

The 5 Best Health Benefits of Propolis

  • Strengthens the immunity

Many people regularly use propolis to keep away colds and the flu. They spray some propolis into the throat during the first symptoms of a runny nose or sore throat.

But, the power of propolis in the fight against these diseases is not only anecdotal- there have been studies that have found improvements in the participants’ symptoms after first day of propolis use.

  • Keeps the skin nourished and protected

In addition to honey, propolis can also help you maintain optimal skin quality- it speeds up the healing process of burns and cuts. According to research, you can also use it to treat warts, cold sores, psoriasis, and eczema.

  • Reduces inflammation

The flavonoids in propolis can help lower the inflammatory response produced by the body, according to studies done with mice and fruit flies.

  • Alleviates allergies

If you are allergic to honey, it is best to avoid propolis. However, if you are not, propolis can help you relieve other allergies. Namely, according to a study, propolis lowered the release of histamine from the mast cells in lab mice.

Without doubt, there is also anecdotal evidence from people with allergies who use it as their natural antihistamine and a first defence against allergies.

  • Fights off cancer

Some studies have found that propolis is a bee product which may help in the treatment of colon and prostate cancer. Propolis helps by interrupting the blood supply to the cancerous cells and causing them to die, without damaging the healthy and good cells.





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