The Smell Of The Rain Reduces Stress And 7 Other Benefits Of Walking In The Rain

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass- It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Though most people do their best to avoid rain and hide away from it as soon as it starts to fall, taking a walk in the rain and smelling rain may be one of the best things you can do!

According to science, taking a walk on calm, rainy days has a lot of advantages and can help us relax and unwind.

Without doubt, walking in a beautiful weather is always a good idea; however, after you learn about the advantages of rain walks, believe us, they will soon become your favorite thing to do!

Remember, before heading out for a walk in the rain, put on adequate shoes and jacket and take an umbrella!

8 Best Benefits of Rain Walks

  • The smell relaxes you

Are you one of those who enjoys the smell in the air during rain? If yes, believe us, you’re not the only one and you’re not crazy- rain does have a smell and it even has a name.

Petrichor, coined by two Australian scientists in the 60s, is a blend of chemicals being released by soil bacteria, oils released from plants during dry spells, and ozone formed when lighting splits nitrogen and oxygen molecules that transform into nitric oxide.

  • You burn more calories

According to a research done by Japanese scientists published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, when an individual is physically active in a cold and rainy weather, they burn more calories than if they do the same activity in “normal” weather.

  • Soothes the skin

The high amount of humidity in the air during rain will help maintain your skin’s suppleness, youth, and freshness. What’s more, some researchers also claim that the humidity levels are 43 percent higher during rain and almost ¾ of airborne virus particles are therefore powerless.

  • The air is fresher and cleaner

According to an MIT study published in the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, the air is much cleaner during and after rain. This is because the raindrops which fall through the atmosphere can attract numerous pollutant particles, including soot, dander, bacteria, and sulfates before they reach the ground.

  • Helps with acceptance

Regular rain walks can help train our mind to be less obsessed with control and to accept life, no matter the weather or anything else coming in our way. Plus, rain may help you deal with loss or unpleasant life moments. Remember, just like the rain, everything in life has its moment, but it will eventually cease.

  • Helps adopt a new perspective

A lot of people will agree that things seem different when there’s rain, whether it’s the darker lighting or the gloomy mood, it’s definitely not the regular day. For some people, this change of mood may help adopt a different outlook on their struggles in life and come up with new solutions.

  • They’re usually fewer people

Most people immediately run for cover when rain begins to pour and we only see the fewer “braver” souls continuing their walk. Therefore, if you want a bit of peace and quiet, there’s no better solution than a walk in the rain. You’re alone with your thoughts and you can relax without constantly encountering other passers-by.

  • It may feel rebellious

Sometimes, we’re tired of doing everything by the book so there’s no better way to “break the rules” than going for a walk in the rain. But, be rebellious in a healthy way- make sure you’re properly clothed and immediately dry off when you come home to prevent catching a disease.





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