These Children’s Foods Contain Roundup Herbicide, an EWG Report Finds

Children’s foods contaminated with glyphosate, a report by EWG finds.

According to a EWG report from 2018, Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide was found in popular cereals and snacks marketed to kids. Unfortunately, 28 Cheerio and Quaker samples were positive to this toxic herbicide.

The EWG therefore sent letters to the CEOs of General Mills and PepsiCo that make the Cheerio and Quaker brands, respectively. They demanded that they remove the contaminated oats from the market.

Our Children Are Eating Cancer-Causing Herbicide?

The president of EWG, Ken Cook, points out that these companies should tell us how many bowls of oatmeal and cereal filled with this weed killer have our children eaten.

Nonetheless, if these companies stop spraying their products with glyphosate, parents wouldn’t need to wonder if their children’s breakfasts have a cancerous chemical.

Without doubt, glyphosate and other chemicals mustn’t be present in our foods!

The Importance of Organic Diet

According to a study from EWG published in the American Medical Association Journal, people who follow an organic diet have a lower risk of cancer in comparison to those who don’t.

This study was done by French researchers and over a period of 4 years, it was concluded that those who switched to organic foods had a 25 percent lower chance for cancer.

The EWG Mission Continues

Recently, the EWG bought several products online and then they shipped around 300 grams of each of these products to San Francisco laboratories.

There, these samples were tested with a specific liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method.

Below, check out the high amounts of glyphosate present in 10 different breakfast cereal brands.

  1. Honey Nut Cheerios- Oat Breakfast Cereal – 147 ppb of glyphosate
  2. Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal- Oat Breakfast Cereal- 729 ppb of glyphosate
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios- Oat Breakfast Cereal- 400 ppb of glyphosate
  4. Cheerios Oat Crunch Cinnamon- Oat Breakfast Cereal- 283 ppb of glyphosate
  5. Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch- Oat Breakfast Cereal- 833 ppb of glyphosate
  6. Multi Grain Cheerios- Oat Breakfast Cereal- 216 ppb of glyphosate
  7. Nature Valley Baked Oat Bites- Oat Breakfast Cereal- 389 ppb of glyphosate
  8. Nature Valley Granola Peanut Butter Creamy & Crunchy- Granola- 198 ppb of glyphosate
  9. Nature Valley Granola Protein Oats n Dark Chocolate- granola- 261 ppb of glyphosate
  10. Nature Valley Fruit & Nut Chewy Trail Mix Granola Bars, Dark Chocolate & Nut- snack or snack bar- 76 ppb of glyphosate

To see the full list, click on this link.

The Danger of Glyphosate

Glyphosate is a type of weed killer used on GMO corn and soybean crops. However, it’s also used on oats prior to harvest as a drying agent. It destroys the crop by drying it out so that it can be collected sooner.

And, it ends up in our children’s favorite foods! Big companies are operating with these chemicals without any concern about the health of people or the future of the planet.

For now, more than 236,000 people have signed a petition for these food companies to take the necessary measures to preserve the consumers’ health.

How to Stay Safe?

Until something is done and glyphosate is completely removed from agriculture, we can protect ourselves by sharing information such as this and start eating organic food.

We need to understand that change begins with us and we need to be the ones that make the change for a better tomorrow.





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