Tighten Your Buttocks & Legs for the Beach without Heading to the Gym with these 5 at-Home Exercises

Believe it or not, basic squats are not the only way to have a shaped booty. Surely, this exercise is great for working on the buttocks area; however, on its own, it will not help you have the booty of your dreams.

It does engage the glutes; however, it trains more of the lower back, hamstrings, and quads. This being said, it is time to mix things up if you want to have the best booty.

When you implement a buttocks routine to your workout plan, you are one step closer to shaping the buttocks in the way you have always wanted. One such booty regimen will be shown in today’s article, i.e. 5 exercises from it.

It was created by Chelsea Dornan, a personal trainer from New York.

Get that booty burning!

5 Exercises for a Tight & Shaped Booty

  • Rainbows

While on all fours, point the toes of one foot and extend that leg towards the ceiling. Then, slowly lower it down to tap. Squeeze the glutes and lift it back. Then, lower the leg and tap about a foot to the left of the kneeling foot. Go to primary pose and start a new rep.

  • Heel-lifted sumo squat

With the feet wider than shoulder-width and toes pointed outwards, lift your left heel while sitting the hips back and lowering the buttocks towards the floor. Keep the knees behind the toes and brace the core for balance. Make a pause and then press into the right heel. Stand up in the primary pose and do another rep.

  • Squat to sumo

With the feet wider than shoulder-width, point the toes forward and keep the knees behind the toes. Sit the hips back into a squat. Pulse up several inches and turn the toes 45 degrees outward. Lower the hips into a low squat. Pulse up and bring the toes forward. Alternate between feet positioning and keep pulsing.

  • Singe-leg dead lift

While in a standing pose, bend and lift the left leg in front of you with the knee at hip height. Now, engage the glutes and gradually fold forward. Reach both hands towards the grounds while you extend the left leg behind you. Shortly pause and go back to the primary pose.

  • Bear plank leg lifts

In a plank pose, lift the right leg and bend then knee 90 degrees. Bring the heel towards the buttocks. While the foot is flexed, squeeze the glutes and lift the right heel towards the ceiling. Pause and then put the right knee back to meet the left knee. This is one rep.





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