Volunteers from across the World Are Taking the Elderly in Nature

Cycling Without Age is an enterprise which is taking the elderly in nature on a trishaw. This enterprise was formed in 2012 in Denmark by Ole Kassow.

He was keen on helping the elderly get more physical activity on their bikes; however, because of their limited mobility, he needed to find an adequate solution. He came up with the idea to use a cycle rickshaw and involve others who will give them the ride.

Afterwards, he contacted a Copenhagen civil society consultant who was interested about the idea. Together, they bought 5 trishaws and launched the enterprise which is now spread throughout Denmark and 40 other countries. The rest is history…

Taking Elderly for a Walk in Nature

For a lot of elderly, limited mobility is a serious issue and most of the time, they’re in their homes and when they need to go somewhere, they’re often taken by a car. A lot of them also need companions if they want to go out.

So, Cycling without Age gives them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature for free. They just sit in the rickshaw and a volunteer is riding them through accessible routes near their homes.

Volunteers, also called pilots, are also enjoying this amazing effort- they’re doing well for others and get to enjoy nature and be physically active.

How Does the Cycling without Age Work?

Though the procedure may slightly differ depending on the country, basically, if one wants, he/she can sign up as a pilot and get the needed training by an experienced pilot from the program.

They need to know how to ride a rickshaw and how to help the elderly sit comfortably and so on. Even though one may know how to ride a bike, a rickshaw is a bit different so the several first rides may be done with an already experienced rickshaw driver.

The volunteer may pick up and give the elderly as much as rides as they want and can. They can make appointments beforetime or walk into a nursing home and simply ask there if an elderly who wants to enjoy a ride in nature.

At the time being, more than 1,100 locations worldwide offer this opportunity and there are more than 1,500 trishaws. There are over 10,000 drivers who make sure the elderly are safe during the ride and can freely enjoy the fresh air, the trees, and the birds singing.

Why You Should Become a Volunteer for Cycling without Age?

Becoming a part of this amazing movement is a rewarding experience because there’s so much joy in seeing the elderly having the time of their life and the pilots and personnel interacting among each other.

Seeing the passengers’ smiles when they get back from their first ride, full of stories and with rosy cheeks, is definitely a feeling you can’t beat.

The enterprise already has a vast experience in working with nursing home employees and management, city councils, volunteer organizations, and cyclist federations.

If you want to, you can join as an affiliate by clicking the link available on their website.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Pilot?

If you have strong legs and don’t mind giving someone a bike ride through the city into the forest or near a lake, becoming a pilot for this enterprise is an excellent idea. You can make a huge difference in your community and meet new people and get some exercise for yourself.

From directors to senior citizens and students, everyone has the opportunity to help the elderly- you just need to want it.

Of course, if you know how to ride a bike, learning to ride the rickshaw will be quite easy.

But, make sure you take into account important factors to ensure you’re riding safely like respecting the conditions on the road, cycling slowly, and choosing easy and accessible routes.  





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