Nearly Extinct Pink Dolphin Gives Birth to a Pink Calf

A pink dolphin is believed to have birthed a very rare pink calf. This unusual creature, called Pinky, has been seen swimming with her pink baby in Calcasieu River, Louisiana.

She and her calf were photographed while jumping near a boat in the river. This pinkish creature became popular some 12 years ago when she was seen swimming with her mother.

According to Captain Erik Rue who spotted her, he’s seen her mating and swimming with other dolphins and described her as ‘very sexually active’.

New photos show that she is now a mother and has a calf of her own. The video of the mother and calf playing in the water went viral after Thomas Adams shared it on his Facebook page.

Are there Really Pink Dolphins?

Pinky is a Pink River Dolphin whose pink color is believed to be a result of a genetic mutation. Unfortunately, this is an ‘endangered to vulnerable’ species and their population is estimated to be around tens of thousands only.

The birth of the calf has increased the hope for new pink dolphins which may help with the increase in their population.

Captain Rue points out that the entire body of Pinky is pink unlike that of other dolphins that have only pink bellies. Their skin is smooth and flawless and they have reddish eyes.

What surprises experts is that the pink dolphin doesn’t seem to be very affected by the sunlight and the environment as one may expect considering their condition; however, it tends to stay below the surface a bit more than the others in the pod.

Witnessing a Pink Dolphin: A Real Joy

Rue considers himself very fortunate to have witnessed this beautiful and rare mammal and notes that guests are always looking forward to the chance of seeing this unique animal.

Bridget Boudreaux was also lucky to see Pinky and her calf in the river and she shared her amazement with the public.

She said that this was an amazing sight and that she was astonished and in awe. The dolphin first came up straight out of the water and she was like: ‘Whoa! A pink dolphin! Stop the boat!’

Want to see the pink dolphin and her calf for yourself? No worries- check out the video below!





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