Psychologists Advise Moms to Take Breaks Known as ‘Mom-Cations’

Without doubt, mothers are some of the most hardworking people and they have the role of mothers 24/7 and throughout the whole year.

Being a mother is indeed a rewarding and an amazing experience; however, it’s also challenging and comes with a lot of challenges, exhaustion, and problems.

With this in mind, psychologists have been advising moms to take so called ‘mom-cations’ or breaks from motherhood. Let’s find out what it’s all about…

Mom-Cations: The New Trend among Mothers?

This trend recently rose in popularity on social media and it’s a short vacation on which the mothers go on their own or in a group, without their children and partner.

According to psychologists, this is much more than an enjoyable experience- they also emphasize that this could be a beneficial method for the women to better their family relationships long-term.

According to psychologists, such vacations can help better the mother’s well-being and thus, they will be better equipped to take care of their families.

When you’re a mother, you’re not just raising a child, but you also clean the house, show up at school-related activities, prepare meals, plan the days, go to work, etc.

How to Enjoy Your Mom-Cation

Before heading to a solo vacation, it’s important to make a care plan for the other members of the family who can take care of the children or for the friends.

For a lot of moms, this has been a great experience and they felt rested and refreshed afterwards. They also note they felt they’re better mothers, more patient, and better wives.

Mom-cations give mothers an opportunity to appreciate what they have at their home. They get a break from the 24/7 mothering, which is crucial for their health and well-being.

But, you needn’t book an expensive trip to benefit from a mom-cation- a simple day at the spa or a coffee with friends can be the missing link to a good mental, emotional, and physical health.




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