A Clever Mom Has ‘Job Interviews’ at Home to Motivate Her Children to Help with Housework

A wise mother from Atlanta decided to take on a new approach and teach her children about the value of money. After a house fire and money problems, she came up with the idea for a ‘hiring event’ in her home.

During this event, her children would apply for different household chores in order to earn money for the things they want and need. Some of the jobs include laundry supervisor, kitchen manager, and lead housekeeper.

The ‘Hiring Mom’ Goes Viral

In a post shared on her Facebook, the clever mom explained the entire idea and her status went viral- she had more than 200,000 likes and more than 123K shares!

She wrote that her children continue asking for a new phone, allowance, and to go places. So, she told them she would surprise them after school.

The children were definitely surprised when they came back home- the mother made an entire hiring event and told them if they want something; they need to work for it and earn it. She was so detailed that she also made app forms for them to fill out.

In these applications, they were asked to write down their experiences, preferences for working weekends or evenings, desired pay, and starting date.

Also, the clever mom set up a ‘credit union’- she can start them with a line of credit and help them create allowance and character. She motivated them by writing that making house contributions can really pay off and that they shouldn’t hesitate and ask her today.

A lot of parents on social media supported her approach and a lot of them were eager to start a similar thing in their home.

 A New Beginning

The mother explained that she came up with the idea after having to replace a lot of the lost items because of the house fire. So, she worked really hard. But, her children didn’t stop asking for things.

They did have an allowance previously; however, because of financial difficulties, she could no longer afford this. Luckily, she got a job as a correctional officer and will be able to pay them off.

She sincerely hopes that her post and idea will be of aid to other families and help them learn how to educate and entertain their children at home.





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