Gross Video Showing what Happens when Fungal Toenail Infection Is Untreated for a Year

After you read more about this case, you will no longer ignore a fungal toenail infection if you have one and you’ll head out to the doctor’s office right away. In the video we’ll be sharing today, you’ll see what can happen if you don’t cut the toenails for a year.

She arrived at the podiatrist’s office and reported not cutting her toenails for a year. The podiatrist, Dr. Binh Nguyen, 33, was at his job when the patient came in the clinic located in Tampa, Florida.

What Did Her Toenails Look Like?

On the video, one can see that the patient’s nails that have become so long, thick, and discolored. The big one on the toe had overgrown so much that it covered the other toe! Measuring 4 cm in length, this nail was described as a ‘little toe hat’ by the doctors.

The doctor needed 20 minutes to remove the thickened nails and notes that the woman came to the right place and that they’re going to take the best care for her.

While the doctor is working on the nails, he’s also asking the woman if she’s feeling alright and she responds: ‘I’m fine; you people aren’t the ones who aren’t!’

To this, the doctor responds that he’s okay- imagine being a foot doctor who’s grossed out by toes. After slowly and patiently cutting the nail, he removes the worst part.

Nail Fungus DIY Care

He told the patient to check her feet- they’re looking much better and shorter. Though they’re not ideally smooth, it’s definitely better than before, he adds.

The channel of Dr. Nguyen on YouTube has 162,000 subscribers and one of his most popular videos has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Preventing Nail Infections

Fungal infections thrive in warm and damp surroundings so it’s best to keep foot sweating and warmth low.

Also, it’s vital to keep the feet clean, dry and put on clean socks daily. If you have athlete’s foot, treat it as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading onto the nails.

When using communal showers, make sure you wear flip flops. Avoid wearing old shoes or shoes from others.

Important to Note

People with diabetes should consult a foot specialist as food injuries can cause complications. For serious nail problems, such as the case of the woman in the video, consult a podiatrist.

Before leaving, check out the video here.