Woman Gives Birth In A Police Car After Being Stuck In Traffic

Even though it’s not the best place to bring a child into this world, with the traffic in the Philippines, this could easily become a normal thing.

Recently, a pregnant woman gives birth to a healthy baby girl inside the police vehicle in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

The 32-year-old woman called Jackilyn Branzuela and her brother went to the Mandaue City Police Station 3 asking for help to get to the Ouano Hospital because the woman was in labor.

But, they didn’t make it in time for the birth so it happened in the car.

Woman Gives Birth in Police Car

The police officer Elmer Gonzalez, a mobile crew Elmor Cortez Ceniza, and non-uniformed personnel Josie Tejano, a registered nurse, were together in the Isuzu D- Max patrol car with the woman in labor.

They used the car’s siren; however, it wasn’t enough to go through the traffic and in half an hour; they did arrive at the hospital, but Branzuela had already given birth.

She complained during the car ride that the baby is going out and her head was showing and the police crew told her to push. Thanks to the nurse’s help, the baby was safely delivered inside the car and was immediately transported to the hospital.

The police’s post on Facebook went viral and everyone congratulated to the police officers who responded and had the best words for them. The baby’s name, according to another post by the MCPO Police Station 3 is Kim Irish Nina Branzuela.




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