According to Study, Staying at Home with Kids Is Harder than Going to Work

If you’re a parent and believe that looking after your kids is more challenging than being at work, you could actually be right because a poll also found this to be true.

The poll was done by AVEENO Baby and surveyed 1500 parents from the UK. Believe it or not, 31 percent of them admitted that being a stay-at-home parent is very challenging, much more than going to work.

For skin expert in AVEENO Baby, Rebecca Bennett, becoming a parent is indeed an amazing experience, however, this new chapter in life isn’t without stress and worry.

So, they wanted to learn more about what parents feel and go through in the first years of parenthood, what they wish they knew, and how to offer support.

Is Being a Stay-at-Home-Parent that Hard?

The study was focused on revealing the things one learns when they become a parent and the fact that all the books, videos, and parent advice can’t prepare you for some things like stepping onto a lego barefoot, right?

17 percent of the surveyed parents admitted having back pain whereas 32 percent of them said that smelling their children’s skin is one of the best smells in the world.

Half of the surveyed parents said that they didn’t expect that a simple thing like leaving the house would be a military operation. 39 percent reported feeling constant tiredness.

However, despite being aware of the hardships of parenting and looking after their kids themselves, 40 percent of the parents still considered that new parents tend to complain a lot.

Parenting Is a Serious Task

Parenting isn’t just expensive, but also challenging in terms of decision-making.

From the foods we give to our children to what we use on their skin, every decision doesn’t come easy and parents are known to worry about whether they’re making the right decision or not.





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