Sydney School Bans iPads And Goes Back to Paper Textbooks

In order to reduce children distractions, Reddam House Private School in Sydney decided to remove electronic devices such as iPads and go back to regular books.

This choice is quite controversial taking into account the takeover of electronics.

The return to hard copy happens 5 years after the primary and junior high school classes began using e-text books.

Back to Basics

According to the principal Dave Pitcairn, teachers found that the devices were distracting the students and preventing them from learning.

The children had messages popping up, as well as other notifications and alerts. But, the year 11 and 12 students were still using hard copy books and they preferred this option.

The hard copy also allows for easier navigation and teachers believe that children can learn better by the usage of several senses and faculties during the reading and making of notes.

However, though the school will remove iPads, bring-your-own-device policy will be put forward with laptops available as preference. This decision stirred mixed reactions from parents, with some considering digital devices pivotal for modern education.

One parent said he doesn’t really think this decision is setting them up for the future whereas others were supportive of the decision and considered it perfect because their children are constantly on their phones.

Teachers are mostly agreeing with this decision because the iPads did nothing in terms of improvement of the children’s technology skills and actually prevented their learning.

What Do Experts Have to Say?

In a study on consumer attitudes and perceptions, according to Sabrina Helm, lead author and associate professor at the University of Arizona, consumers across all ages perceive e-book ownership differently than that of physical books.

Helm explains that physical books are special products and thus, are very meaningful to a lot of individuals.

On the other hand, digital reading is new and digital books are a new product category.





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