This Woman Adopts a Pit Bull from a Shelter & He Can’t Stop Hugging Her

Kayla Filoon is a student who’s a volunteer dog walker in an animal shelter in Philadelphia. One day, when she saw Russ, a pit bull in the dog shelter, she knew she needed to adopt him. She says she felt a special connection between them.

The dog was a stray and was really beaten up. Sadly, he was missing tail and ear fur and was undernourished and skinny.

Kayla explains that the dog was just sitting calmly and starring in her eyes. She knew she needed to take him home with her and give him all the love he deserves.

She was aware that she needed to take the dog as soon as possible as the shelter needed to put 15 dogs to sleep. Any of the dogs there can be put to sleep, particularly the ones that are with poor health and Russ could be a candidate.

Russ Can’t Contain His Happiness

The next day, she went back to the shelter and filled out all the necessary papers. The next night, while she’s doing homework on the table, Russ was trying to cuddle with her. Her friend, who was there with them, took a photo and posted on social media.

The photo went viral very fast. Kayla notes that Russ is such a love bug. She also wants the photo to be a motivation to others to adopt dogs from shelters.

Kayla lives together with six other people and luckily, they all adore Russ. However, he needed some time to adjust to the new surroundings. But, he was given a lot of love, care, and rest and so he recovered fast. Today, he’s happier and healthier than ever before. Check out the full photo gallery of Kayla and Russ here.

What about you? Would you adopt a dog from a shelter? What’s your experience with animals from shelters?




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