CDC Warns against Vaping after Spike in Lung Disease

The public health officials released a warning against the usage of e-cigarettes and vaping products due to an increase in mysterious lung diseases that have been associated with vaping.

The CDC notes that while the investigation is still ongoing, if you’re worried about these health risks, it’s best to refrain from the usage of e-cigarettes.

Is Vaping Dangerous for Us?

According to the authorities, there were 215 potential cases of lung disease from 25 states that may be linked with vaping. In a lot of the cases, the patients reported a gradual rise of the symptoms, including breath shortness, difficulty breathing, and chest ache.

Other cases reported a mild to moderate gastrointestinal disease with vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and fatigue as the most common symptoms.

A lot of these patients said they used e-cigarettes with THC when they spoke with their doctors or in interviews by the staff of the health department.

The Investigation Is still Ongoing

The CDC explains that the states are doing their investigations and verifying cases based on CDC’s standardized case definition.

In addition to the investigations, the CDC also notes that e-cigarettes need to be avoided by youth, pregnant women, and adults who don’t use tobacco.

Unfortunately, in recent years, vaping has become a major problem and last month, a teen from Utah who’s spent years in performing vaping tricks and testing out new products needed to be put in a medically-induced coma for three days after being diagnosed with rare lung disorder.

Only 18-years-old, the girl experienced mild symptoms for several months which turned into strong fever and vomiting. She was then admitted to the hospital and placed in a medical coma.

Young People with Lungs like Old People?

Another person, also 18-years-old, Adam Hergenreder was hospitalized with a serious vaping-related respiratory disease and was told by the doctors that he has lungs like a 70-year-old person.

The boy was vaping THC, but claimed he didn’t know it could be harmful. Now, he’s feeling better; however, still gets winded going up stairs.

His story gained a lot of media attention, primarily because he participates in a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the vape product he used.

Daniel Fox, pulmonologist and critical care expert at WakeMed emphasizes that it’s not entirely clear which substances from the vaping products cause damage. However, when they go into the lungs, they cause a major inflammation that can make people very sick.

Inflammation may scar the lungs, explains pediatric pulmonologist from Tufts Medical Center, Scott Schroeder. Depending on the seriousness, he further adds, this condition may put people at a higher risk of lung conditions, including asthma or COPD.





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