High School Sweethearts Get Married 45 Years Later After Racism Tore Them Apart

The life story of this couple who were high school sweethearts is definitely one of the most romantic ones you’ll hear about. So, make sure you have tissues with you!

Back in the 70’s, Howard Foster and Myra Clark fell in love when they were in high school.

However, back in the days, a black man and a white woman being together in a romantic relationship was a taboo. Even though it was one of the most difficult decisions in his life, Howard knew he needed to break up with Myra.

He recalls sitting in his car and crying since it was such a hard decision because he really loved her.

The Love that Continued Throughout the Years

Even though both were heartbroken because they couldn’t stay together, they wished each other all the best. This was an amicable breakup and both sides understood and respected what needed to be done.

When they waved at each other, Myra felt as if this was a ‘see you later’ wave.

They continued living their lives- they were growing up, went to college, and started working. For more than 4 decades, they didn’t see or talk to each other.

But, they did think of each other. Actually, Myra thought so much about Howard that she was unable to be with another man. She never married and stayed single until her 40s because her heart belonged to Howard.

On the other hand, Howard got married, but eventually divorced and he was still thinking of Myra. Back in 2014, a mutual friend found that he knew both of them and so he decided to connect the two lovebirds.

When the day came and the two people met again, it was magical. They felt the same as they did so many years ago. But, this time, they didn’t plan on allowing racism to win.

Howard said that sitting and holding Myra’s hands is something he never thought would happen again. So, he decided to never let her go.

Getting Married after many Decades

In 2015, Howard and Myra made it official and got married. They’re still together and enjoying their lives.




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