This Single Father Adopts A Girl With Down Syndrome Rejected By 20 Families

Luca Trapanese from Italia is one of those wonderful people that we need to be aware of. Since his teenage years, he’s been involved in social service programs. So, when he met Alba, a baby girl born with Down syndrome who was looking for a family that will adopt her, he immediately knew she’s going to become his daughter.

The Sad Beginning of Life for the Little Alba

Unfortunately, when she came to this world, Alba was rejected by her mother due to being born with special needs. So, she was put for adoption. Sadly, around 20 families rejected her, until Luca appeared in her life.

The child’s life changed when she was adopted by this wonderful man who didn’t have any problem with her condition, but rather, embraced it.

Having experience in volunteering in several programs from an early age, including the A Routa Libera Foundation, he felt he had the knowledge and experience to care for the little Alba.

This foundation is a group which provides help for children with this condition.

But, the road to adoption wasn’t easy. The major obstacle was the fact that adoption agencies prefer the traditional families over other types. This impeded things for the brave Luca who’s a homosexual man who became single after an 11-year relationship.

For him, adopting a disabled child isn’t a second choice, but a conscious one that’s in accordance with his abilities and vocation. But, after some time, he succeeded and he’s now a happy father to Alba who’s brought so much joy in his life.

Are the Conditions in Our Society for People with Disabilities Improving?

Luckily, people who have this condition live better now than they did in the past. Decades ago there wasn’t much science about this condition; so, babies born with it were expected to face a lot of health issues and a shorter life span.

Today, they can live healthy and happy lives, build their own families, and make others happy.

Believe it or not, according to a study from the American Journal of Medical Genetics, people who live with people with condition experienced high rates of happiness.

Luca is definitely an example of that. He and Alba are having the best times of their lives and are definitely one of our favorite father-daughter relationships.