Denmark Buys The Last Circus Elephants To Let Them Retire

Denmark will spend $1.6 million to purchase the last 4 circus elephants in the country so that they can retire properly.

This happens after the government has put a ban on the usage of wild animals in circuses and it’s expected to be put in motion later this year.

The Ministry still doesn’t know for sure where they’ll place Lara, Djunga, Jenny, and Ramboline, the four elephants, but any applicants who’re willing to take the mammals need to offer timely takeover and adequate welfare.

Until then, it’s the Animal Protection Denmark who’s taking care of them. The four elephants were taken from the Circus Trapez.

Ban on Wild Animal Use in Circuses Is Spreading

Another German circus also made headlines in June after becoming the first ones to use holographic images of animals, rather than living ones in order to prevent animal abuse.

The US has also moved towards a ban and New Jersey and Hawaii became the first two states to introduce legislation against inhumane practices.

However, there’s already legislation in 145 US localities that include several restrictions and limitations on animal performances, but the bans in these two states include major measures regarding tigers, elephants, bears, lions, and primates in both circuses and travelling shows.

In UK, there’s a new Bill which will prohibit the usage of wild animals in circuses throughout England. The circuses won’t be able to use wild animals in travelling circuses. The government says that this practice doesn’t have a place in the world today any longer.

There’s also a ban on ivory sales in order to keep elephants safe and there’s the delivery of the Finn Law to strengthen the protection of the service animals.





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