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Rare & Elusive Wild Black Leopard Caught on a Camera

A photographer caught high quality images of a rare black leopard at one wilderness camp in Africa. Will Burrard-Lucas wrote in a blog post that he’s been fascinated by stories of black panthers and their elusive nature since he was a child. He started to conceptualize his dream of photographing […]

Woman Rescues Wild Coyote Thinking It Was a Dog

Woman Rescues Wild Coyote Thinking It Was a Dog

Andrea Athie from Cuidad Victoria, Mexico is a young woman who thought she saw a hurt dog on the street while driving with her car. He couldn’t move probably because its legs were broken. Andrea immediately knew she had to help him. She pulled over with her car and brought […]

Cutest Thing ever: Rare Baby Zebra Born with Spots, not Stripes

Rare Baby Zebra Born With Spots Instead Of Stripes

As we all know, zebras are animals that have unique stripes in black and white color. These stripes have kept scientists in awe for decades and there are a lot of properties they’ve been ascribed- possibly, they serve to help the animals repel insects, as an optical illusion to keep […]