New Zealand Government Plans on Planting a Billion Trees to Fight Off Climate Change

New Zealand is close to completing their billion tree initiative and the government has allocated additional $240 million for the project with a total budget of $485 million over the following three years.

If it’s approved, the program will be central to the efforts of the country to reduce the negative impact of climate change.

Namely, New Zealand wants to get to zero emissions by the year of 2050. The planting of trees may become a part of their emission trading scheme program or ETS.

Fighting Climate Change

The next Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has set ambitious environmental policies in order to fight off the warming of the planet. She added that this will also involve a zero carbon act and independent climate commission.

New Zealand Is Dedicated to Saving the Planet

The country is also taking other green initiatives like transitioning the power grid of the country to 100 percent renewable energy, investing in regional rail, and the planting of the billion trees.

The purpose of doubling the tree amount which they plant on a yearly basis is achievable thanks to the usage of land which was marginal for animal farming.

It’s vital to note that more than 80 percent of this country’s electricity is already from renewable sources, mostly hydropower, wind, and geothermal.

How Do Trees Help with Climate Change?

Trees can help us in the fight against climate change as they pull greenhouse emissions from the atmosphere. Also, they help keep the landscapes safe from the serious consequences of climate change like flooding and storms.

Trees also play a major role in cleaning the air, water, and soil; provide shelter and food, and so much more.

The tree planting plan of New Zealand will be aimed towards rehabilitating degraded environments, encourage the thriving of wildlife, and providing approximately 1000 jobs.

However, there are those who have criticized the plan claiming that the government isn’t being honest about the sources of the funding and they have stalled the implementation of the plan.

Nonetheless, the initiative is still widely supported and the government is considering both private and public relationships that could enable grants to landowners to plant trees on their properties.





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