This Man “Turned “Bears Who Kept Coming to His Bee Farm to Steal Honey into Honey Tasters

Did you know that bears love eating honey? They love it so much that they often raid beehives and cause beekeepers problems because they want the honey.

These predators aren’t the most appropriate guests at these places because they can cause damage that may cost the beekeepers a lot.

But, for Ibrahim Sedef, bears aren’t a problem any longer. Continue reading the article to learn more about Ibrahim and the honey tasting bears.

Bears Become Honey Tasters

Ibrahim Sedef who lives in Trabzon, Turkey is an agricultural engineer who’s a beekeeper. For some time now, he’s been having a problem with bears destroying hives in an attempt to get the honey.

In order to keep his bees and honey safe, he secured the hives with metal cages and also left food like fruits, honey, and bread in another area to prevent the bears from attacking the hives. But, this didn’t work and a lot of the hives were still being destroyed.

So, Ibrahim decided to learn more information about the bears and their movements and attitude.

To this extent, he installed cameras to monitor the bears when they come near the hives and eventually outsmart them. What he realized during these videos is that the bears had a great taste for honey.

So, he placed a table with 4 different honey types for the bears to eat and he noticed that they were most attracted by the Anzer honey because they always consumed it first, without even touching the cherry blossom one.

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Interestingly, the bears seem to have quite the expensive taste- to get 2 pounds of this popular Turkish honey, you need to spend more than $300.

Despite his concern about the well-being of his bees, he can’t ignore the dedication of the bears to the honey game. When he watches the tasting videos, he immediately forgets all the damage they do. He says he loves them.

Want to learn more about this interesting story? No worries- check out the video below…