Playgrounds for Elderly Can Help Increase their Fitness & Lower Isolation

Playgrounds that are specially designed for elderly people are being installed throughout Europe and Asia and they include low-impact exercise tools like static bikes, body flexors, and elliptical machines.

The goal of these playgrounds with gym equipment is to help elderly boost their flexibility and balance. It’s considered that a better balance can help reduce falls that are common occurrence in elderly.

Sports & Socialization

These parks are also good for the seniors from a social point of view- they’re spending time with other people from their generation and are reducing loneliness and isolation.

According to Joanna Hughes who is a spokeswoman for the Royal Parks, a UK government agency which is in charge for these parks in London, these playgrounds offer physical advantages for the seniors, buy are also of aid for their social and mental health and well-being.

What about the US?

In the US, the playground approach for elderly is a bit distinct- they’re not just built for this age group, but for several generations.

KaBOOM! is a non-profit organization which partners with Humana Foundation to build multigenerational playgrounds throughout the country. For now, they have built 53 such playgrounds for children and elderly.

They consider these playgrounds to be an excellent connector for seniors and adults with the children in their lives. Play doesn’t just have cognitive and physical advantages, but it can also lower stress in adults and help the children fight off toxic stress.

This idea has been positively accepted in Asia and Europe and there are around 300 such parks in Barcelona area or one for every town from the district.

Officials also believe that these playgrounds are good from a fiscal point of view- according to analysts, 40 to 45 percent of Spain population will retire by 2050 so spending money to keep this population’s health and alertness could save them a lot in terms of health care.





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