Florida Declares State of Emergency as Hurricane Dorian Approaches

Millions of citizens along the east coast of the US from Florida to North Carolina remained under a threat from a deadly Hurricane Dorian strike which ravaged and caused hundreds of people missing in the Bahamas.

After making landfall on September 1 and flattening homes and killing at least 50 individuals, it continues posing a threat for the Florida coast.

Death & Destruction in the Bahamas

People from the Bahamas were buying bottled water and canned food and boarded up their homes. The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis advised those from the Grand Bahamas and the Cays to leave because of the possible disastrous effects of the hurricane.

The government is dedicated to setting up temporary housing for the people who’ve lost their homes.

The hurricane sent heavy rain and winds to the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama Island where teams are still looking for hundreds of people reported missing.

The Prime Minster said in a statement that they’re a nation in mourning and that the grief is unbearable. This hurricane caused death, destruction, and despair on their second and third most populous islands.

The hurricane is slowly moving towards Florida and has been downgraded to a category no.2. However, the combination of wind, surge, and flood hazard remains the same or even worse as the hurricane enlarges.

Georgian and South Carolinian authorities warned more than million of citizens on the coast to evacuate and there have been airports closed and flights cancelled.





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