New Zealand Plants Billion Trees to Fight Off Climate Change

The government of New Zealand has launched a One Billion Trees Program whose aim is to boost the planting of trees across New Zealand. Also, the plan involves doubling the current planting rate. They have set a milestone of planting billion trees by the year of 2028.

This program will have immense advantages for the environment, the community, the economy, and the people.

They want to see trees being included into the landscape to add to the diversity of the land and to encourage innovative ideas, research, and sector development to better the ways we plant and grow trees too.

The Mission to Build Billion Trees

In order to enhance the forests in New Zealand and better the environment, economic performance, and social well-being, the government will be focused on the following agenda:

  • Protect and enhance the soil and water quality, as well as natural resources
  • Boost biodiversity and natural landscapes
  • Provide training and employment
  • Build sustainable economic growth
  • Support the development of tourism and infrastructure
  • Help meet their international climate change commitments

‘If we look after the forest, if we look after the land, the land will look after us’

Right Tree, Right Place, Right Purpose

The program includes planting of native species to boost biodiversity as well as proper integration of trees in the landscape, instead of large-scale land conversion to forestry. To achieve this, they align tree planting with local land use and proper planting strategies.

They ensure the planting is well thought out and also take into account maintenance and tree use. What’s more, the social, environmental, economical, and cultural priorities are being considered.

The government offers $240 million in funds for organisations, landowners, and community groups to encourage tree planting and better the growing and planting of trees.




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