The Power of Intention & Gratitude: How Plant Medicine Taught this Man to Realize His Dreams

People who’ve taken ayahuasca report positive effects like finding their purpose in life, curing incurable illnesses, and discovering the truth of the universe.

Though many consider this to be a drug, others consider it to be a healing plant medicine. This hallucinogenic brew contains DMT and triggers enlightening experiences in users.

It’s common in shamanic ceremonies. Kasim Khan is one of those people whose lives were changed because of ayahuasca. In 2017, he received an e-mail from Rythmia Life Advancement Center with an invitation to be a guest to their luxury spiritual healing resort.

At first, he was confused and indifferent because he didn’t fully understand when he read that this was ‘the world’s first medically licensed plant medicine retreat’.

Plant Medicine: The Key to Intention & Gratitude?

Even though he politely declined the invitation, soon enough, he began noticing more and more people talking about plant medicine, particularly Ayahuasca.

Joe Rogan and Graham Hancock, people who he respects, started sharing stories about their journeys with ayahuasca so his interest grew further. He began researching deeper and read a lot about Terence McKenna who spoke openly about plant medicine.

He already knew who Terrence McKenna was, but he knew little about the quantity and quality of content McKenna made during his life on the topic of plant medicine, as well as on the topic of psychedelics and their healing powers.

A year later, after so much research and a lot of documentaries, he emailed Rythmia and asked them if the offer was still on the table.

Luckily for him, it was. His visit was scheduled for March, 2019 so he had 5 months to prepare himself mentally and physically for what was going to be, as he was told, ‘the adventure of a lifetime.’

Hancock is a British writer and journalist who specializes in pseudoscientific theories including ancient civilizations, stone monuments, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths, and astrological and astronomical data from the past.

The Journey of a Lifetime

While preparing for his adventure, Khan started taking better care for his body and also followed an Ayahuasca diet which is believed to help optimize the effects and advantages of the plant.

While in the retreat, he often heard people referring to this plant as the Mother Ayahuasca, and he was also told that it begins working on you from the moment one decides they’re going to take it.

Khan considers this to be the case as he feels as if he made a spiritual connection with the plant and that was why he started taking better care for himself prior to visiting the center.

Several months later, he went to Costa Rica. At the airport, he drove an hour to the resort where he saw an introductory video with his now dear friend Gerry Powell.

It was all so professional and the staff there was very friendly and they even remembered his name and always called him by his name. The attention to detail helped him feel calm and relaxed, as well as the amazing scenery, friendly people, and ambient music.

The houses there had private bathrooms and very comfy beds- his room, number 21, was right outside a pool and a 10-second walk from a restaurant called Roots where he enjoyed organic meals throughout the day.

On Monday morning, after a good night’s sleep, he was doing yoga for the first time under the sun and surrounded by beautiful Costa Rican nature and a great yoga teacher.

After breakfast and yoga, he attended a class by the founder of Rythmia, Gerry Powell, where he shared his journey with this plant and the story that encouraged him to create Rythmia.

The ceremony was to start later in the evening.  Before the ceremony, he took a medical and was asked several questions and underwent simple checkups to see if he’s okay to take the medicine.

It’s important to note that people who have serious heart problems or who’re taking antidepressants must consult a doctor prior to considering taking this plant.

Interestingly, throughout the retreat, he was constantly coming across three plaques with personal intention. They were the following: “Show me what I’ve become”, “Merge me back with my soul at all cost.”, and “Heal my heart”.

As he was spending time in the resort, these intentions became more and more potent for him.

He realized that the first thing we need to do before we start changing is seeing our real selves, only when get to know ourselves, will we be ready to connect with our soul, and once we are one with our soul, we can start healing our heart.

The Day of the Ceremony

On the first night, he went into the temple with 60 to 70 other people who attended. There was strong sense of community as each and every one of these people knew they were about to get on a personal and transformative journey together.

He was trying to breathe and keep calm. They nodded with people around him, smiled and shook hands, with some, he even hugged. The beds had a blanket, a bucket, and a toilet roll. This is because during the healing process, people often vomit, others cry and laugh, some get diarrhea.

It’s all part of the process and shamans consider these purges to be the sound of healing.

The two shamans, Brad and Uncle Scooter spoke to everyone in the room and helped the attendees feel safe. They were young people with cool geometric tattoos. Being a 36-year old man in the presence of these people, he felt like a little boy looking up to individuals connected to their higher selves.

Brad emphasized that they should try and embrace and surrender to the medicine. Khan got back to his bed and wrote his intentions in a diary. This was in a way his compass during the journey.

Before the drink, they were given Rape, a potent cleansing powder which is blown into their noses. Half an hour later, they were given the first drink.

To learn the rest of Khan’s transformative ayahuasca journey, please visit Educate Inspire Change.




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