Vegan Activist Claims She Was Shot by a Farmer after Rescuing Rabbits

A vegan activist shared images of herself covered in blood after she was shot through her car window by a farmer after she rescued 16 rabbits.

The activist named Mia spoke about this terrifying situation on social media and emphasized that the farmer was very aggressive and attacked the whole group she was with.

The alleged assault happened shortly after Mia and several other vegan activists went into a rabbit farm in Spain and ‘rescued 16 lives’, she told her social media followers.

Getting Shot at because She Wanted to Help?

In a video she shared on her Instagram, Mia’s sitting in a car very distressed and describes how she’s been driving in the car when all of a sudden, the window exploded because of a gunshot and glass pieces were everywhere.

In the video, she also explains that the group had taken these rabbits from the farmer’s property. She claims that he strangled activists and smashed their heads with metal poles.

When the police arrived and told the group to leave, Mia explains that the farmers chased them at the motorway at 200 kmph before they followed them down a side road.

They banged on the windows, shouted and threatened them. The police successfully diffused the situation and escorted them to a safe place. The group asked them to be escorted home; however, the police didn’t agree and said they would be alright.

But, 10 minutes on the motorway and they were shot at. They immediately went to the hospital and reported the crime in the police.

How Is Mia Now?

Since this event, Mia disabled comments on her Instagram post due to a lot of death wishes and threats; a lot of people also condemn her actions and some even called her a thief.

But, the activist is firm that she and her friends did the right thing and she believes it’s crucial that animals are safe.

She is happy that the rabbits are ‘far from that hell hole’ and she doesn’t want this story to be about her.

She’s concerned that we can’t expect farmers to take good care for animals if this is how they treat humans.

Rabbit Farming in Spain

In Spain, rabbit farming is very popular and according to a report by Publications Office at the European Union, rabbit farming is concentrated in 3 countries and they represent 83 percent of the EU production.

Spain is the largest producer with 48.5 million rabbits being slaughtered in 2016.

But, in the last decade, the number of farms there lowered by 40 percent, mostly because of a move towards bigger professionalization in which farms are increasing in size and are becoming more specialized so smaller farms can’t keep up.