Couple with Down Syndrome Celebrate 22 Years of Marriage & Defy Critics

After being in a relationship for a year and a half, Tommy Pilling knew he wanted to marry Maryanne Martin. But, he didn’t have sufficient money to purchase a ring.

However, his creativity helped him- he bought a plastic one from a vending machine to propose to his girlfriend. Both of them have Down syndrome.

Maryanne’s mom found out that Pilling was looking to buy a plastic ring so she took him in a jewellery shop to purchase a real one together. But, this proposal didn’t happen now, in fact, it happened more than 22 years ago.

Today, the British couple is still happily married. But, their life wasn’t without obstacles.

Their Relationship Defied all the Critics

At that time, some people criticized Pilling for trying to propose because they thought that the individuals with this condition should or could be in a serious relationship.

But, the family of Maryanne disagreed with such claims.

According to Maryanne’s sister, Lindi, their mother was very supportive of the couple because she believed that we all have the right to get married with the love of our lives without being discriminated or prejudiced about it.

Lindi shares details about the beautiful couple on their joined Facebook page and wrote that their marriage is so strong because it’s without a hidden agenda. They love each other sincerely and are completely honest one to another.

What Was the Wedding like?

The wedding was an all-day event and there were 250 people, including family and friends. The wedding party also included a lot of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities.

These people wore blue whereas Maryanne’s wedding dress was a white princess one. They also married in the church in Essex.

According to her sister, the wedding was very beautiful. Their marriage isn’t just successful because it’s based on sincerity and love, but also because they’re the best match for each other.

Maryanne who’s 46 today loves to talk whereas Tom who’s 58 is more quiet and reserved.

Maryanne said that her wedding was the best day of her life and that she was shocked when her boyfriend proposed. But, she never thought twice about saying ‘I do’.




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