Oldest Person with Down’s Syndrome Celebrated His 77th Birthday

Georgie Wildgust is definitely defying the odds- he’s recently celebrated his 77th birthday after his parents were told he wouldn’t live past the age of 10.

This British man with Down’s syndrome is believed to be the oldest person in the UK with this disorder. Surrounded by friends and family at the Watcombe Circus care home in Nottingham, he was all smiles on this big day.

The man is enjoying time spent in this care home and actually still dances and leads a very active social life.

His Family Adores Him

Nikki Wright, his niece, said that it’s amazing getting to this age and she recalls her grandma telling her that they were told by doctors that he wouldn’t live past 10. But, he defied odds and the doctors were definitely wrong, Nikki explains.

Wildgust moved into the care facility back in 1993 and has lived there since with 12 other residents, including Lorraine, his girlfriend. A member of the staff there, Kimberley Taylor said that every single day she spends at work, Wildgust makes her smile.

In the UK, around one in every thousand babies has this disorder, according to the Down’s syndrome association. Around 40,000 people in the UK have it and the average expectancy for these individuals is between 50 and 60 years of age and only a few of them reach 70s.

Wright added that Wildgust has probably reached this age because of how well he was cared for and still is. He’s being spoilt at the care home and he’s very happy with residents who’re approximately of his age.

Plus, he’s very independent as his mother always told him he can achieve anything.

In his youth, Wildgust worked as a gardener and also made rugs before he retired and went into the care home. He has two siblings- the younger one, 71-year-old Colin died three years ago whereas his sister, 79-year-old Jean who lives in Australia often talks to her brother on Skype.

For care assistant Javine Lacey, Wildgust is a miracle and she recalls how he quickly recovered from recent health problems he was experiencing.

In a video honoring Wildgust, he’s seen dancing and talking about his favorite show, Strictly Come Dancing.

The staff explains how Wildgust is affectionate and loves to kiss and cuddle.

For them, he’s one in a million and that they feel very lucky to have him. Wildgust is enjoying his senior years playing harmonica, eating treats, and enjoying social activities with his fellow residents.

How Are People with Down Syndrome Treated in Society?

Today, individuals with this condition are treated equally and with respect; however, in the past this wasn’t the case. Back in the days, his mother fought a lot for him and she devoted her life to easing his life.

The oldest living woman with this condition is believed to be a woman from Oklahoma, US, Dollie Grissom, who’s 74.





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