Olive Oil Found to Nourish the Brain & May Help in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s

Without doubt, olive oil is one of the healthiest ingredients in the world and according to newest research; it also possesses brain-nourishing properties and may play a major role in the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

This oil is a key component of the Mediterranean diet which is considered to be helpful for the improvement of the cardiovascular health, brain function, and mental health.

Extra virgin olive oil, as researchers from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at the Temple University have discovered, helps avert cognitive decline associated with aging.

Olive Oil for Good Memory & Low Risk of Alzheimer’s?

The study, published in the journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology showed that regular consumption of this oil kept the memory and learning ability safe.

Moreover, it successfully lowered the creation of amyloid-beta plaque and neurofibrillary brain tangles that are markers of Alzheimer’s.

How Does it Help in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s?

Olive oil can help lower the inflammation in the brain and it also activates autophagy, a specific process which balances the energy sources during critical times during development and as a response to nutrient stress.

Plus, it can eliminate aggravated proteins, intracellular pathogens, and damaged organelles. For the purposes of the study, the team tested brain cells from mice which were given food abundant in olive oil.

The mice also experienced reduction of phosphorylated tau which is responsible for the neurofibrillary tangles that may be contributing factors to the nerve cell dysfunction in the brain, responsible for the memory decline seen in Alzheimer’s patients.

The Link between Dementia & Olive Oil

The connection between dementia and olive oil was examined using a model of an Alzheimer’s disease. The animals developed three symptoms of the illness, memory impairment, neurofibrillary tangles, and amyloid plaques.

One group of the mice was given food containing olive oil whereas the other group consumed food without the oil. The former group did better on the memory and learning capacity tests when compared with the second group.

What’s more, the findings showed major distinctions in the brain tissue in regards to nerve cell function and appearance. The mice which consumed olive oil had better preserved connection between their brain neurons.

There’s also the autophagy activation noticed in the olive oil group which means they had better capacity to fight off this disease.

What Do Experts Have to Say?

Based on their studies with mice that are presumably mirroring the dynamics in humans, the senior investigator, Dr Domenico Pratico explains that olive oil is better than veggies and fruits at cognition preservation.

However, although the study didn’t note the amount of olive oil needed to reap the advantages, we can still up our intake. One good way to eat more olive oil is to replace it with other salad dressings and to prepare meals using this particular oil instead of other ones that are less healthy.





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