Amazon Is Now Selling A Bracelet That Shocks You If You Eat Too Much Fast Food

If you’re one of those people who love junk food and can’t seem to stop eating it (even though we know how bad it’s for our health!), this bracelet which is available on Amazon may be the solution you’ve been long looking for.

It will deliver a 350-volt electric shock whenever you reach for junk food. Could this be the key to controlling your cravings and improving your health, and of course, losing those few extra pounds?

Reduce Bad Habits with Pavlok Bracelet

The bracelet doesn’t just help those who consume too much junk food- it will also deliver shocks when you oversleep or when you smoke. All you have to do to have this bracelet in your possession is to have extra $200.

The idea behind the shock delivery is the potential rewiring of the brain that helps you associate the negative habit with the uncomfortable buzz.

Moreover, your closest friends or family members can download an application which makes them your digital guardians. Namely, they’ll be able to deliver a buzz if they see you doing something you want to stop.

The bracelet has 150 shocks per one charge and it could last a while, depending on how often you break your rules. According to inventor Maneesh Sethi, even though it’s less potent than a shock from a tazer, it will still deliver sufficient voltage to cause you to jump!

He also adds that the shock feels like you’re touching a doorknob after rubbing the socks on the carpet.

Why Did He Create this Product?

Sethi explains that he once suffered from ADHD and there was a time when he was spending a bit too much time on Facebook.

One time, he wrote a post where he hired a person to slap him whenever he got logged in on Facebook. Soon enough, his productivity resurfaced.

Further on, he also realized that none of his fitness trackers motivated him to exercise. Therefore, he was wondering why are there so many devices tracking his doings, but none of them are helping him improve!

This is how the idea for the Pavlok bracelet was born.

Are Customers Satisfied?

Until now, there have been mixed reviews of the device- some are claiming it’s helped them improve their behavior whereas others have been criticizing it.





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