Unbelievable: Surgeons Remove 27 Contact Lenses from a Woman’s Eyes

Believe it or not, a 67-year-old woman had 27 contact lenses stuck in her eye. She had them removed by surgeons while she was getting ready for another procedure. This happened when she went to Solihull hospital in the West Midlands to undergo a routine cataract surgery.

According to the experts from the hospital, during the procedure, a bluish foreign body appeared and it was as a hard mass of 17 contact lenses bound together. Further on, 10 more were discovered. How did this happen?

Let’s find out together below…

Why Did the Woman Have so many Contact Lenses?

According to the doctors, the patient had worn monthly disposable lenses for a period of 35 years.

She had a weakened vision in the right eye and deep-set eyes that may have led to the large number of retained foreign bodies.

According to a specialist trainee in ophthalmology, Rupal Morjaria, no one has ever seen this before.

The mass was very big and they were really surprised that the lady didn’t notice this- it would be very irritating while in her eyes!

The patient was also shocked from learning this and ascribed her discomfort throughout the years to aging and dry eyes. She told the surgeons that there were instances when she tried to remove the lenses, but was unable to find them.

They explained to her that the missing lenses were stuck around her eyes.

If You Wear Contact Lenses, Read these Tips

  • Never wear them longer than you’ve been instructed by your ophthalmologist and never more than 16 hours per day
  • Never sleep with lenses, unless they’re designed for overnight wearing
  • Wash and dry your hands prior to putting the lenses
  • Avoid applying makeup onto the eyes before placing the lenses
  • Never swim with the lenses
  • Replace the case on a regular basis to lower risk of infections
  • In case you notice pain, redness or loss of vision in the eyes, talk to a doctor
  • Visit regular checkups





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