8-Year-Old Girl from Mexico Wins a Prize for Designing a Solar Heater from Recycled Stuff

Half of this girl’s life has been dedicated to crafts, but now, she’s finally being recognized throughout the world. The 8-year-old Xochitl Guadalupe Cruz Lopez has won a prize that’s intended for adults for making a solar heater from scratch.

At the age of 8, she was the first child to win this prestigious science award from UNAM, Mexico’s National Autonomous University.

This award recognizes achievements of women in science. She created a solar water heater from garbage stuff, including glass panels, logs, and hoses.

8-Year-Old Girl Creates a Solar Heater from Garbage?

The girl worked on the solar heater at her house’s rooftop, with a bit of assistance from her dad.

She wanted to help slow down the negative impact of climate change by lowering the need to cut down trees for firewood. This is a common practice of people with low income from her community.

She stated that there are low-income individuals who’re unable to purchase these types of heaters so they cut down trees in order to use them as firewood.

But, on a global level, this contributes to climate change. Cruz Lopez wanted to help reduce the harm we’re doing to the environment and nature.

Young Entrepreneur Helps the Environment & Her Community

In addition to helping the environment, this young lady from the southern state of Chiapas in Mexico is an example that women can succeed in a world which is dominated by men.

And, we’re indeed happy that the presence of females in the world of science is on the increase. Girls like this are showing what’s important today and what we should be focused on.

Moreover, according to statistics by the Mexico national agency for science and technology, Conacyt, 36 percent of individuals in their scientific register were women. This is a 65 percent rise from 2012.

However, this is still behind the number of female scientists in Latin America- 45 percent of them are women, says UNESCO.

And, this is still lower than the presence of women in science in Europe and Asia. Without doubt, Cruz-Lopez impressed the UNAM panel, but also made her teacher and parents proud. Her mother, Alma, says that it’s an honor to know all that she has done.




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